The Scoop Behind The Scoop


     Growing up in Zionsville, Indiana Elizabeth Demaree remembers days of riding bicycles to the park, gathering with family to watch a parade on Main Street, and meeting up with friends for cool ice cream on a hot summer day.  Zionsville Indiana with it's brick Main Street is a true slice of Americana.  It's a place where friends still hang out at the park watching baseball games and the parade still marches up the bricks lead by firetrucks and marching bands. It's the place where Elizabeth Demaree still lives with her husband John. In fact, they built a house and raised their four boys directly across the street from Elizabeth's childhood home. Now just a short distance away the Demarees have built a place  where memories are shared between old friends and new memories are created sitting on the porch enjoying a cool ice cream treat with friends.

     While The Scoop serves the best ice cream found in Indiana, it is simply more than an ice cream shop. The Scoop is a gathering place where everyone is welcome. It is a place to relax after a stroll through the Saturday Farmer's Market across the street. It is a place to cool off after riding bikes on the Zionsville rail trail. It is a place to meet for business over a cup of coffee or gather for an early morning bible study. It's a place to celebrate the home run your child at the baseball diamonds just over the hill by sharing a Royal Scoop banana split.

     The Scoop is excited and proud to be a part of this wonderful community and looks forward to sharing many years of enjoyment over the best ice cream around!